9,000 NFTs of Lady Ape Club NFT Collection Sold Out

Lady Ape Club (LAC), an ape-inspired NFT artwork collection, has informed selling out 9,000 NFTs within hours of opening the sale on STRMNFT. STRMNFT is the marketplace that exclusively hosted the sale. Afterward, the sale was also followed by a timed auction that revealed the increasing demand from users to add Lady Ape NFTs to their collection.

With the sale opening at 9:00 AM GST and closing at 1:11 PM GST on July 18, 2022, the LAC NFTs were sold out in about 4 hours, making a sale record despite the crypto market and global economy still healing from the recent crisis.

After the sale was closed, the auction immediately opened until July 19 at 10:00 AM GST with 90 special Lady Apes open for bidding. In this auction also all the NFTs were completely sold out.

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About Lady Ape Club NFTs

Lady Ape Club NFT Collection

The LAC collection was created by the art team of TNC Group, one of the leading companies in the blockchain industry, with over 500 developers and experts delivering blockchain solutions all over the world.

With the supply of 10,000 uniquely-crafted ape-themed digital artworks, the LAC NFT collection has been distributed as follows:

9,000 sold on STRMNFT, 90 auctioned on STRMNFT, 100 allocated for the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT holders, 100 allocated for partner influencers, 700 for auction on OpenSea, and the remaining 10 to be held by the LAC team itself. 

The hype for the Lady Ape Club NFT Collection was high even before the sale, as STRMNFT opened NFT pre-booking for whitelisted members who partook in the ICO and Staking events of StreamCoin. StreamCoin is TNC Group’s partner and the company behind STRMNFT. 

Many parties have shown much interest in the pre-booking to guarantee their LAC NFTs before the sale starts. In fact, STRMNFT opened the pre-booking until July 16 to give members enough time to secure one Lady Ape for each.

The marketplace where most of the LACs were listed was STRMNFT. It is a new platform designed to extend the utility of NFTs to all types of users. It was officially projected last May and opened its first sale this July with 9,000 LAC NFTs. Further, STRMNFT authorizes its users to create, trade, and auction video NFTs at any length in addition to images.

According to LAC’s official website, the holders of these NFTs will redeem exclusive benefits like a chance to get a special Baby Ape NFT, an invitation to the upcoming Dubai-based yacht party, and much more.

Users who missed the chance to get a Lady Ape NFT during the sale and auction can buy LAC NFT on STRMNFT or partake in the auction open now on OpenSea.

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