$8.7M hack on Solana’s first Concentrated Liquidity Protocol  CremaFinance

Solana concentrated liquidity protocol CremaFinance is the latest DeFi i.e. decentralized finance outlet to fall victim to hackers.

CremaFinance reported that it was temporarily halting the system and investigating the exploit, thought to have amounted to more than $6.4 million in digital properties at the moment. 

That figure was later modified to sit at over $8.7 million, Solana blockchain explorer SolanaFM revealed in a tweet. The hacker influenced a vulnerability in the protocol’s tick account, CremaFinance stated.

A tick is a linked report that stores rate “tick data” from a centralized liquidity demand producer (CLMM).

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Insights into the 8.7 Million Hack on Solana-focused Liquidity Protocol


In DeFi, CLMMs normally evaluate marketing payments based on data in the tick report.

In CremaFinance’s case, the fundamental marketing payment data was redone by the hacker’s falsified data. This allows the attacker to assert a huge fee amount out of CremaFinance’s liquidity pool, emerging in epic failures.

CremaFinance disclosed that the hacker deployed a cruel agreement and used it to generate six flash loans from Solana lending outlet Solend to deduct liquidity on Crema and empty their roles. 

Millions of dollars in several cryptocurrencies, containing tether and lido risked solana, were seized. Stolen accounts are being connected to the hacker’s Ethereum and Solana wallets, which have since been flagged by SolanaFM. CremaFinance is still to confirm precisely how much crypto was left in its pools.

The firm told it had set up $5.4 million in a private fundraising round just two prior weeks. CremaFinance is not to be thrilled with DeFi’s Cream Finance, which has taken many “flash loan exploits” in the last year, confining a $130 million hack in October.

But the event occurs in a recent string of DeFi exploits that have tormented the area this year. Just last month, a hacker stole 20 million authority tokens from Ethereum estimating treatment Optimism worth over $30 million at the time, that were prepared for a loan deployed by main market producer Wintermute.

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