60 Days Since Pixelmon’s last Tweet But We Have Kevin

Do you remember Pixelmon? The absolute monster of 3D rendered characters that look like something straight out of a fever dream? Whether an avid NFT buyer or just a meme lover, the monstrous face of Kevin and his horrific banana fingers have obsessed the internet since Pixelmon’s generation 1 release.

Pixelmon’s Infamous Kevin

After collecting over $70 million in primary sales, the team rolled out hollow promises of rebuilding the artwork. But, as you may have witnessed, these promises never came to completion.

It seems like someone owes Kevin an apology after all…

Pixelmons-Chewed-bubble-gum-body -Kevin
Pixelmons Chewed bubble gum body Kevin

But as usual, the internet wins. Kevin’s chewed bubble gum body & relentless gaze left viewers amazed in laughter as memes of Kevin filled the internet. Kevin’s popularity grew to its extreme, and so did the sales. As those fortunate enough to catch a Kevin during mint could trade him back for nearly 24,000 dollars. At this time, the floor price for a dear Kevin sits around 2.8 ETH. (roughly $8,000) .

Although with no activity and their Twitter, shattered promises, and fallen art, the project takes the form of another failed project that scammed their community out of their money. Yet, those capable enough to capitalize on the hype of the poorly pictured Kevin seem to hold no grievances with any of Pixelmon’s failed initiatives regarding fixing their NFT collection.

The rise of NFTs has led to exquisite works from various artists such as World Of Women, BAYC, and the infamous works of Beeple that stand in a category of their own. NFTs have evolved from “useless Jpegs” to empowering corporations and artists worldwide through multiple refinements and utility advancements.

Regardless, it is those like our darling Kevin that deliver the community with hope for the future: cause if Kevin can make it…we all can.

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