0x Token Surges 53% on News of Coinbase’s NFT Collaboration 

Coinbase launched a pilot version of its new digital collectibles platform Wednesday, offering a marketplace focused on “social interaction.” In contrast to other major markets such as OpenSea, the site focuses a premium on social interaction, it also mentions the 0x protocol usage. Users may establish personalized profiles on Coinbase NFT, follow friends, and even remark on one another’s NFT collections.

0x Token Surge


0x and Coinbase Collaboration

0x is surging after it announced a partnership with Coinbase to enable Coinbase NFT late Wednesday. “By using the 0x Protocol, Coinbase enables customers to locate, purchase, sell, and connect with NFTs at the lowest possible transaction fees,” 0x said in a tweet.

Coinbase made no mention of leveraging 0x in its statements yesterday. Rather than that, the team concentrated on promoting the social aspects of the new marketplace. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong spoke instantly after the beta launched on the marketplace’s social aspect, stating that “we need to gradually decentralize social.”

Because 0x sustains multi-chain NFT swaps and consumes less gas than competing protocols likely drew Coinbase NFT to it. Users would save money by being able to list NFTs off-chain, which is a crucial feature of the platform. According to the disclosures made thus far, ZRX, the Protocol’s native Token, has jumped 53% today; however, ZRX will not play a significant part in the Coinbase NFT community. Azuki and Bored Ape Yacht Club are the only Ethereum NFTs supported by Coinbase NFT thus far, and users may trade in ETH.

There have been many rumors about Coinbase NFT since it was introduced late last year, and it was delayed for months. The marketplace’s success relies heavily on its ability to compete with OpenSea, which currently accounts for most NFT trade. OpenSea has already witnessed 88,000 ETH worth of volume for the much anticipated NFT collection Moonbirds, released only last Saturday. In the same span, LooksRare, its closest rival, has seen less than 7,000 ETH in volume despite providing significant trading incentives in its LOOKS coin.

Despite OpenSea’s dominance, it has been plagued by problems, some of which may be traced to its Wyvern trading exchange and a series of flaws that enabled opportunistic actors to drain users’ NFTs or snipe them for significantly less than their market value. With the help of 0x, Coinbase NFT is expecting to provide a smooth user experience that matches the company’s Web3 social aspirations.

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